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Evecon 2000-2001 INWO Photos

We played 5 games of INWO at Evecon, starting with a 7-game extravaganza on Friday night.  Let's start there, shall we?

IIRC, going clockwise from lower left we have Robert White, Trevor Schadt, Joseph Hines, Matt Sands, Steve Brinich, Karl Musser, Ed Elder and (missing from this photo, because I was taking it) yours truly.  Matt took the victory with his Network 1-2-3 knockout.  Robert observed in this game, and played in later games.

Same game, but my flash worked.  8^)

Here's the 2nd round of gaming, With (again with the clockwise convention) Trevor, Joseph, Chris Chambers, Tessa Bogarogre, Steve Brinich (not pictured here) and Karl Musser.

#523 in a series of more than 3 billion pictures of people making funny faces behind Steve Brinich.

Well, whose turn is it?  Any guesses?  8^)

Aw, they look so cute & harmless!  Tessa took home the win for this game, and a set of Ogre.

Here's the other game that was running at that time.  Robert was on the left, followed by Matt, Ed, and myself.

Here's the same game, further along.  Shawn Murphy stopped in to look at the carnage.  I eventually ended up with the win here.

And here we have Saturday INWO.  Jim Bannon, Steve Brinich, and Arthur Levesque fight it out.

And on this table, we have Trevor, Shawn, Robert and myself (as well as two spectators).

Deep thoughts in what turned out to be a very close battle...

Some of my cards are white.  I borrowed a BFD playtest deck of Steve's.

Aah, here I am.  Robert eventually sealed the win for this game, after my attempt failed.  Everyone did very well, tho, and just about everyone came close to victory.  For his victory, he received a World Domination Kit.

Arthur eventually grabbed the win from Jim and Steve here.  There's probably more to say about the bloody carnage here, but since I wasn't playing, I didn't witness too much of it.

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