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Evecon 2000-2001 The Hills Rise Wild! Photos

Pagan Publishing gave a couple copies of The Hills Rise Wild to Karl, so of course we ran a couple of games and gave them to the winners!  What did you think we were going to do with 'em?

This was the game run by Karl Musser.  Clockwise from lower left is Steve Brinich, Arthur Levesque, Tessa Bogarogre (standing) and Chris Chambers.  Tessa was onlooking; Jim Bannon (not pictured) played the Cult.

Here (obviously) is the game I'm running.  I didn't catch everyone's names for this game, although I guess I should have.  8^)

Here's a better view of Karl's game.  Jim is still missing.

More development in the game I was running.  Everyone dogpiled for the Seal, with the exception of the Cult, which sniped at them from a distance.

More of Karl's game, as Steve & Jim start to battle...

"So, James, how is it running Security?"  James looks on while everyone else plays.

More onlookers, more bloodshed.

Finally!  Jim makes his presence known by eliminating Steve from the game in a conga line of death.  Jim's luck led him through to victory over the other players as well.

"Yeah!" We approve of bloody murder of the opposition.  8^)

"Lookit all them corpses, Maw!"  The Cult, which had basically been unmolested all game, forges forward to eliminate the remaining players.  Wow, both games won by the Cult!  Excellent.

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