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Balticon 2000

As usual for 2000, no Friday shots.  Lots of shots on Saturday, tho.

"I am Brian, and I rock."  Brian teaches Chez Geek to a bunch of college students.  It came naturally to them.

These folks are having fun...

...but there seem to be mixed feelings on this side of the table.  Odd.

Steve Brinich prepares for INWO.

INWO continues at the table in the foreground.  In the background, Marc Chalmers and John Spey beat each other up with decks of Brawl.

Of course, every picture I take at conventions has to do with gaming.  This is why, if you look carefully, you can spot Brian Joughin running Deluxe Illuminati behind the beautiful woman.

Here's more Brawling, with a beautiful woman sitting on the lap of a talented artist.  Of course, that's not a paintbrush in his pocket...

Finally, Steve Brinich prepares Deadwood for a couple of fen.  Additions to Deadwood just came go modify your game for more fun!

Wanna see mayhem for May?

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