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All nudity and strippers have been edited from this roll of film to protect *me*.
Examples of gaming and drinking have been left to corrupt the youth of the world.
Clicking on thumbnails may lead to blindness.  You've been warned.

CCG Game Day at Games & Comics...and Stuff in Glen Burnie, Maryland

This was held on May 20th.  Lots of things went on, but this is my only picture.

A three-handed game of INWO.  Here, at the top of the picture, Lenin's Body is being used to fill China up with clones.  In the bottom part of the picture, you can see that my power structure includes a white card...a playtest card for Bavarian Fire Drill, the next proposed expansion for INWO.

Playtesting for Pagan Publishing

I won't tell you anything specific about this game, but you know that if it comes from Pagan Publishing, it has to involve fun with eldritch, crawling horrors.  (okay, now that it's released, I can tell you that it's _The Hills Rise Wild!_)

From left to right is Rachel, Phil, Karl, and Beth.  The game (in its primitive, playtest format) is set up in between them.

From left to right is Steve, Arthur, and me (Seth).  The game is even easier to see here, although I'm sure you can't make any sense out of it.  You're forgiven.

Marcon 2000

Marcon is actually not my territory, but that didn't stop me from going and having fun.  Due to the driving distance, we didn't get there in time to do any gaming on Friday.

Friday night.  These freaks are here to party.  Jim Bannon (with "Poor Impulse Control" written on his forehead; a free MC Hammer CD to the person who recognises the reference) and Arthur Levesque, Super Freak.  I can't show you the photos from the rest of the evening, because as I got drunker, the subject material got even *less* topical.  Needless to say, at a convention where the big party is usually run by refugees from Starfleet, the crew of the USS Murgatroid left their mark.

At right, MIB con liaison Andy Fix sits beside an enormous mound of prize material as he demos Car Wars: The Card Game.

Here's a back shot of Andy, and the rest of his game (& gamers...)

Here's a large group of roommates Geeking out to Chez Geek.

Here's an early shot of one of two simultaneous INWO games.  My seat's unoccupied 'cause I'm taking the picture.  In the background, you can see Chris Canary's decapitated body preparing for Toon.  Since I actually took notes, I can tell you that the players are, from left to right, James Douglas, Jim Atkinson, and Tom Stevens.

Here's the other table of INWO.  From left to right we have Leon Stauffer, Brian Davidson, and James McClure.  You know, over 50% of INWO players prefer the name James or Jim...

We return to Chris' Toon game.  He is receiving direction from the Marcon Game Czarina; in between Chris and the Czarina is MIB Ralph Melton.

Here's a full-table view of the Toon game.

Kat Robertson sets up the SJ Games "Open Gaming Table" with Dino Hunt and Tile Chess.

Arthur and Jim play INWO.  I steal their souls with my camera.

Kat does Tabloids, a unreleased game from SJ Games.

Brian (at left) begins a game of INWO SubGenius.  More on this game later, as there is plenty of 'later'.  Our other INWO game is in the background.

Here's the other INWO game, with me, Arthur, and Jim.  I believe this is the OBD game (after the built-deck game with Arthur's monster decks) where we used the Disaster Epic All-Cthulhu deck.  Yes, that is a gutted penguin sitting in the center of the table.  Why do you ask?

IIRC, this is either the winning power structure or just a power structure after a truly gross attack to control against an opponent.  See the INWO power/resistance change tokens sitting in a pile?  If you make Steve Brinich a friend of yours, he might just give you some.  They're really neat.

Ralph Melton oversees the game of Kill Dr. Lucky that I'm running (or perpetrating, depending on your terminology.)

Here's a shot of the KDL game from where Ralph was standing, bringing in the rest of the players.

Remember the INWO SubGenius game from about 5 pictures ago?  Yes, it went on for FOUR FULL HOURS!  Everyone had fun, which was good, and this demonstrates that the damn cards in the damn expansion are balanced.  'nuff said.  They reshuffled the decks twice.

And here's the final game we did at Marcon, Chez Geek.  Stop that!  It's silly.  So we went home.

And now on to an assortment of other stuff!

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