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The End of Y2K

After Gaylaxicon, things stayed quiet for a bit.  Just for me, not for the region.  I had planned to go to MonCon and Philcon, but my own lack of planning got in my way.  So, the next things of note (again, this is just for me & my local gaming group, not so much for the region) were just little fun stuff.  (Oh, and since these pix are low-res, there's no need for me to do thumbnails.)
For example:

Glen in the USA

I like to call this picture "Glen Barnett with Bill Clinton at the White House".  During Glen's recent visit, I made certain he met up with our President.  It certainly wasn't certain then who would be our next President...I suspect a conspiracy, personally...

Aah, it's good to be a God.  Three Gods of INWO, Ralph, Glen and myself at Karl's place for Friday night gaming.

More Hills Rise Wild!

Pagan Publishing sent Karl (as the primary playtester) the new proposed expansion to The Hills Rise Wild!, Reanimator.  I picked up Karl and brought him over to Arthur & Jim's for a game.  Here is the back of Karl's head, and, unfortunately, the front of Arthur.  While we played, Arthur's plush stuffed Cthulhu gnaws on a bear.

Here's another view of the game in progress, with Arthur standing, Karl sitting, and Jim disarmed.

"Look out!  He has coffee!" Jim caffeinates himself amongst the wreckage of gamers at work (Pepsi, mixed nuts, turkey jerky and salt & pepper).

Santa hangs over Karl's head while Arthur's ever so tasteful mug sits next to the mixed nuts.  Cthulhu seems to approve.

Enough of this silliness!  On to Evecon!

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