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Tad & Craig's Excellent Party 2001

This year's Tad & Craig was plenty quiet.  A large number of gamers had gone up the street to a different con.  But we had fun, filling out the forms and playing with the pencils on the, showing off what we knew to who was there.  8^)

You need big hands (and you get big hands) to play Lord of the Fries Deluxe!

Frank Sr. learned how to do something silly from Frank Jr.  Guess which one is which!

A dork extravaganza!  No, not the players.  8^)  Chez Dork, silly!

More Dork battling.  "It must be mine!"

Still more Dork.

"I don't want to frag Frank!  He's bigger than me and he holds grudges!"

The Dork game must be heating up.  We have onlookers.

Look at all the cards!

Tag in, tag out.  Dork continues, in round 2.

Ogre Miniatures at Little Wars

A fine fall day.  And massive destruction caused by intelligent supertanks!  Ed Elder brings his bevy of Ogre Miniatures to Little Wars for a demonstration.

"I swear, the Ogre Macroture was *this* big!"

"So, if I press this button, the table explodes and I win?"

Player 1 tagged out, and player 2 tagged in.

I decided to model my new Cheapass Games Demo Monkey t-shirt.  Of course, I was exhausted and in a bad mood by that point (don't ask, long story).  The shirt looks good...sorry I don't look better myself.  8^)

Finally, back to Evecon!  2002, that is...

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