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World Boardgaming Championships 2000

Here's the only shot I have, of a table completely loaded down with Steve Jackson Games and Cheapass merchandise.  I must have said a dozen times "No, I'm not selling those.  I'm here to demonstrate."  Sounds to me like they need a better dealer's area.

Normally I use these as thumbnails and make it possible for you to click on larger images.  Not this time.  Maybe later, as I find a way around CVS's silly photo system...

Castlecon 2000 (what I could catch)

I only caught the first day of Castlecon 2000.  And, of course, not all the film came out.  *sigh*  Here's what I have to show you...

This is an aborted game of INWO.  We started, then everyone said "Whoops, gotta go!" So they left.  *sob*

Ed Elder showing off Ogre.

Swag Day at Neutral Ground in New York City

Here's me (with Steve Fritz, not in the picture) showing off Save Dr. Lucky.  I am not actually asleep...just resting!

Okay, there's Steve.  Happy, now?

And here's the 4-handed game of INWO we drummed up.  Glowering at the camera is Kevin Kennedy, who defeated us all to rule the world.

Clash of the Titans!

I drove to Pittsburgh, to Ralph Melton's place (henceforth known as Asgard, Hall of the Gods) to do battle for my honor against Alex Yeager in a game of INWO.  Little did I know he would kick my butt at everything else we played... 8^)

"I don't understand how to use this deck!" Here Ralph cleverly throws off our scent about how well he's doing.

Alex (with beer) and Ralph (with Animal).

Day 2, as I'm getting ready to leave.  A shot of all three loons.

Tad & Craig's Excellent Party 007

A shot of Friday night's Chez Geek game.  On the right is Grayhawk.

More geeks, including Karl in the middle.

Grayhawk was also Game Room God, which meant that he had other duties besides gaming...

And here's a shot of the full table, and all the players.

On the left, Fuzz kisses up to his boss.  "Seth Cohen is a god" scrolled across Fuzz's message board, along with other messages to other folks during the convention.

And the reason for the kissing up was simple.  Fuzz hadn't built the board for Live Action Kill Dr. Lucky.  This meant that *we* did it. On the right, planning is being done by Brian.

Lije is taping down markings on the board...

Here's the board, mostly completed...

Let the games begin!  Terri (in blue, as Dr. Lucky) gets bopped.  No effect this early in the game.

And the players have dispersed to various rooms around the mansion.  On the right, I'm moderating.

I'm still on the right, I'm still moderating.  Dr. Lucky follows the numbers.

Next up: a new roll, letting Kodak scan the pix rather than CVS.  I think I got better results, allowing me use of thumbnails so y'all can see larger pix if you want.  Here's the INWO game at Tad & Craig's:

Here's an early shot: Grayhawk on the extreme left, then Lije, Fuzz, Karl and Terri sitting around the table clockwise.

Here's the reverse of that image.  You should know the players by now.

Taking over the world sometimes requires drastic action.  Despite sacrificing Fuzz to the Elder Gods, Lije still went away with the win.  I *like* the fact that the security folks at Tad & Craig's were perfectly happy to let me borrow their battleaxe.

But wait!  There's more!  Ready for Gaylaxicon?

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