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PhilCon 1999

I didn't get many pictures for Philcon.  I was busy running around, and forgot to use my camera as often as I'd have liked.  I also couldn't stay the whole convention; I had to leave Saturday night for home so that I could work on Sunday.  Blah.  I'm better coordinated in 2000; I've arranged for vacation days for most of my conventions.  Here's some pix of what did happen:

Some people just aren't prepared for the Illumination that INWO brings.  Here's one of the, players in a game of Illuminati: New World Order at Philcon.

Here's some more-experienced players.  Ferret (on left) was at Balticon '98; the gentleman playing Cthulhu on the right was the eventual winner of the game.

Walt's Cards (in Dundalk, MD)

Here's some warning, folks: do *not* let your T. Rex go skateboarding.  It makes Dino Hunt way too silly...

...which leads right into the followup game (produced by Cheapass Games), Bitin' Off Hedz.  The dinosaurs provided with the Dino Hunt set go well with Hedz, which (as a CAG product) doesn't come with dinos or dice.  Fun was had by all, darn it, and some of us Learned to Fly.

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