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GAPSCon: The Gaming Association of Penn State

I was only able to make it to GAPSCon for Friday and Saturday (so no Friday pix, because I forgot, and no Sunday pix, 'cause I wasn't there.  Pickings are slim for photos, even though it was a nice convention.  Enjoy!

It's easy to name everyone in this game of Escape from Elba...going clockwise around the table we have Napoleon, Napoleon, and Napoleon.  8^)

Here's my INWO game.  Only one person had experience, so I sat out & helped with the fighting.

MonCon 2000

Go ahead, try to find a shot on Friday!

Here I am on April Fools Day.  Can you spot me at the table, running INWO?  I knew you could.

"Hi, I'm Mike...and with what I hold here in my hands, I can kick your ass 6 ways to next week!"  Although actually running the game below, Mike *loves* Brawl.

Here's Mike's Dino Hunters...

...followed up by the development of my INWO game... be followed up by Mike's Dino Hunters racing to play Car Wars, the Card Game.

Beatin' people up with some Button Men.

Sunday (you can tell: find the donuts) leads me to do Dino Hunt.

Mike (McDowell) & Mike (Crenshaw, far right) and their INWO crew.

Dino Hunt heats up...

Mike  lording over his INWO game.

'nuff of that.  How about a bit of Balticon?

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