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Johncon 2001:

Johncon this year felt like a ghost town.  The new con staff split the con between two buildings, and without the walk-through traffic we'd depended on the last couple of years, things were mighty quiet.

Here's the first INWO game of the day.  I'd be sitting in the chair at 4 o'clock, except I'm taking the photo.  Sitting at 3 o'clock is INWO God Steve Brinich.

Here's another angle on the same game.

Marc Chalmer's 4-handed Knightmare Chess, as always, went well...

...and here's the game, closer up, with further development.

Okay, so it's not a Cheapass or Steve Jackson Game.  However, Apples to Apples is illustrated by John Kovalic, artist to both of these companies...and, as you can see, it's the only time in my life where I can prove that I am Swift, Hilarious, Smart, and Intelligent.

And before I bailed on the convention to go have fun elsewhere, I took one last shot of the Knightmare Chess game.

Hopefully things will improve for next year.  I don't know that I'll be interested in going if they don't.

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