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Johncon 1900!

Johncon, as always, was wonderful.  This year seemed to mark a new year, one where I forget to do important things like shoot pictures on Fridays.  Thus, you're going to see a lot of Saturday shots and very few Sunday shots.  There are no Friday shots for Johncon. <shrugs>  C'est la vie.  As usual, if you need a larger image, click on it to see what detail you missed.

Dressed in blue on the right, James Ernest directs the 'Create-a-game' seminar.  Please do not ask why a Wienermobile was selected as the game element of the day.

Here's the other side of the seminar.  James is on the left, with Ralph Melton on James' left facing us; on the right, gripping his chin, is con chair Brian Joughin.

His MIB shirt barely visible, Ed Elder leads a group (including MIB Sarah Elkins, right) in a session of GURPS.

James lays down the law about the Brawl tournament, "Win James Ernest's Money".

Jon Zeigler (at 2 o'clock) leads a a Traveller adventure he wrote, no doubt.

Ed, facing the camera this time, teaches Deluxe Illuminati.

Ron McMahan (standing, in black), runs a group through the intricacies of Knightmare Chess.  To Ron's left, standing, is MIB Marc Chalmers, who was helping him run the session; to Marc's left, seated, is MIB Sarah Elkins.

Getting down to the end of the Brawl tournament.

The crowd is enthralled.  Greyhawk (left, standing), James, another onlooker, and Fuzz (right, standing) observe the fight.

More analysis continues.  Ralph Melton (center, in black) overshadows Fuzz while being bracketed by Greyhawk and James.

Aah, the finalists!  James did indeed have to surrender $5 of his own money.  The shame!  The horror!  The red ink!  8^)

One of three games of simultaneous Chez Geek.

Game the second; in the middle is Ralph Melton.

And game the third...featuring Fuzz and Greyhawk.

My own INWO game.  MIB Jon Cataldo is at right, scheming the takeover of the world.

My Sunday Dino Hunt game.  The gentleman in the foreground hadn't slept all weekend...his mind was gone and he thought an unnatural pose would somehow be amusing.  You decide, gentle viewer.  8^)

That's enough of that.  Next in line: GAPSCon and MonCon!

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