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Seth Cohen's SJ Games Links Page

For the last few years, I've volunteered my copious spare time (and some time that's not so spare) in the service of a game company.  Why?  Because games are cool.  Trust me on this, I know.

I started with Steve Jackson Games product INWO. INWO is a TCG, and it's a fine one, IMHO. Uh...letís try that again. Illuminati: New World Order is a Trading Card Game, and it's a fine one, in my humble opinion. I judge a weekly contest of homebrew cards, on one of the INWO mailing lists supported by I styled myself the Card of the Week Adjudicator, but I'm a lot less formal now. While doing this, SJ Games have occasionally had me do other stuff. I keep forgetting to stop volunteering! Aaigh!

Links to Stuff I'm involved in:

Over the last two years, I've not only become involved in SJ Games Men In Black Volunteer Program, but I've worked my way up the ranks from a position as a basic Operative to a Cell Leader; as of this moment, I am Regional Director of the North East Region, which covers everything from New York State down through the State of Virginia.  My pages, reflecting my activities in the Baltimore Cell and the NE Region, can be found very close by.

I've been on the INWO-List (a list for rules questions and general weirdness) for several years now.  Although I didn't write a FAQ, I maintain it.  Check it out; the INWO-list FAQ's are pretty darn neat. All the active sites in the FAQ also have links, so it's a convenient way to get your INWO fix.

Take a look at my Card Contest Rules, which I maintained for the weekly contest of Homebrew INWO Cards. It's necessary for me to do this, as sometimes there are important questions to be answered, and I don't have endless time to type.

I can't forget the obligatory link to Steve Jackson Games, the creators of INWO. You also might wish to check out their Daily Illuminator, a source of much amusement for me on a nearly constant basis. Another groovy thing is to open one of the boxes in Warehouse 23. I've done some of the submissions there myself. See if you can guess which they are.

Sam Kington's Homebrew Card page places all cards submitted to the inwo-cards list on a very useful site, which is quite impressive whether or not you're as new to webpage writing as me. His page is the useful alternative to looking at my pages.

Other stuff will show up here as I revamp it and make it look appropriate.  In the meantime, if you want to see the old version of these pages, go there instead.

If you want to reach me, email me.

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