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Gaylaxicon 2000

After watching us game at Tad & Craig's, the Game Room Czars of Gaylaxicon invited Brian, Lije, and myself to run SJGames & Cheapass stuff.  Not all my pix came out, as usual.  Here's the remainder:

Here's the overhead shot of the enormous mess that was Chez Geek.

Everyone escapes the game for a chocolate break.  Mmm...chocolate worship.  Mmm....

Maybe my pix are out of order.  Either this is earlier in the same game of Chez Geek, or a new game.  I don't remember...sorry.  8^P

Here's the first shot of INWO-SubGenius, mildly marred by the light at the left of the picture.  I think I cropped most of the glare out.

The costume ball was scheduled after the game.  Shame we weren't playing regular INWO...they could pass for Discordians!

And, as it turned out, the gentleman on the right succeeded in capturing an arm of a power structure and walked away with the game.

Here are Brian & Lije (on the left) teaching Vegas.  Mike (a MIB from another company) offers us to live long & prosper.

Didn't get any pix of the big Great Train Robbery game.  It was too big to photograph.  So, there you have it!

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