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The European Men in Black

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The Men in Black Program

The Men In Black are the volunteer arm of Steve Jackson Games (SJG). SJG is the games company responsible for such delights as GURPS, In Nomine, Illuminati (original and New World Order), Dino Hunt, Ogre, Knightmare Chess, Car Wars, Hacker, Toon, Killer, Tribes, the Awful Green Things from Outer Space and many more.

Men in Black (MIB) are responsible for promoting SJG products at game conventions, game stores, games clubs, schools, and anywhere else they can. MIB operations are coordinated online through the MIB mailing list.

About this site

This is the home site for the operations of the Men in Black in Europe. At present it is just a summary of some on-line resources which are available for MIB operatives to use to make their long and arduous tasks that little bit easier.

Always bear in mind though, that the easy route rarely leads to illumination. If it was that easy, they'd all be doing it. There are two true routes to illumination: one lies in providing your own useful on-line resources, and letting me know about them so I can add them to this list.

Oh yes, the other route to illimination involves sending me lots of untraceable cash. Details on request.

"Official" MIB documents

European MIB activity, and related pages

Other MIB sites

General SJG resources

Product-specific SJG resources

Now it's up to you

Have fun, and please let me know of any other resources which might be useful.



GM:     "You see a man in a black suit, with a suspicious bulge under 

         one arm, dark sunglasses, and some sort of device in his ear"

Player: "A blind, deaf man with the plague - he'll be no trouble!"   


Frank Carver    MIB 0247

Last modified: 16:00 GMT 16 Apr 1999