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Castlecon '01!

Once again, my weekend was bracketed by work: working on Friday, I didn't have the energy to make it down, nor the money to want a hotel room; working on Sunday, I couldn't stay to play more games.  Here's the few shots I had, from a moment where I said "Hey, I should commemorate this moment to eternity!  Or at least the world wide web!"  8^)

Normally I thumbnail things, but by the time my image processing software was done with this, it was mighty small anyway.  Here's the INWO game with (L to R) Glen Seymour, Steve Brinich, and Gary Ehrlich.  Seated, facing away from the camera (and not playing) is Sheryl Gere.  My apologies for this shot...I should have realized that the light sensor on my camera would have picked up the exterior light more than the interior light.  Glen won this game, IIRC.

Facing the camera is James Basinger at noon on the table; at 9 o'clock is Ed Elder, running this GURPS one-shot taken from Pyramid Magazine.  James would later join the conspiracy due to subtle brainwashing...

The INWO game is still going on in the back right of this picture.

And for a little Monkey Business...Cheapass Monkeys Lije Bailey and Brian Carpenter (Lije with headband on right, Brian holding cards in his hand in the center) are winning over the masses.  My cheapass sign is partially blocked by the collection of cups & bread.

Ed's game and the INWO game are still going on.  8^)  See 'em, there in back?

Here's a different angle on the game.  MIB Karl Musser (invisible in the top picture, but here seated at left) is also participating.  We also have a better shot of the back of Lije's shirt, which is the new official Cheapass Games Demo Monkey shirt, and an even better shot of the bread Brian and Lije brought to feed hungry gamers.  8^)

So that's all I shot.  There was a lot more gaming, but you had to be there to see it, because I didn't take pictures of it.  Maybe better luck next time, eh?

Next up: TCEP 2001!

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