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Evecon 2001-2002

Actually, this December's Evecon was entirely in the year 2001.  Nonetheless, since it celebrates the New Year, I'll call it whatever the hell I want.  8^)

I captured 9 photos on this roll of film, of the 2 days I was there.  I have another roll, as yet undeveloped, and a few more shots may show up.  Wa-hoo!

The first game (okay, the first game I remembered to photograph; the first game was Frag), Chez Geek (with Slack Attack).  I don't yet own Block Party, so, we had to live without it.

More of the battle to be the Supreme Geek!

Marc Chalmers gives a big thumbs-up while killing time, waiting for his Knightmare Chess demo to start.

Karl and Brian attempt to reach level 10 in Munchkin.

More shots of Munchkin, more people making faces at the camera. *grin*

Here's some Car Wars: The Card Game that I ran.  Note the enormous pile of dice, necessary for many games.

Still more shots of Munchkin.

The aerial view of Munchkin.  You can't read the dice from here, but judging by the number of cards in front of some players, I think I can see who's ahead...

Sunday's mondo-enormous Chez Geek extravaganza.  Lije & Brian are at the far end of the table, while MIBs James Basinger and Jim Bannon bracket my empty seat.

There will be more when I get the rest of the film developed, but don't hold your breath.  Now go do something else!

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